Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Digital Doubles – It’s as Easy as Child’s Play

Meet Mandy – our latest digital dynamo! She is one of the latest creations from our talented team of digital designers at TNG Visual Effects. Her real-life avatar was scanned in-house in just less than an hour -- using the latest in 3D photogrammetry technologies. She emerges from a fantastical forest of fireflies, fairies, hummingbirds and atmospheric artistry holding a lamp the lights her whimsical world. Mandy’s arm was digitally moved from her side to above her shoulder -- a cinch for our digital pros busily imagining new characters for VR, AR, and MR projects.  

 Digital Doubles from Raw to Ready-to-Rig for the Entertainment Industry.

We build high-resolution original 3D characters from 3D scans every month to feature in our newsletter. These models are suitable for film, TV, VR, games and are available for purchase from our online inventory of digital assets.

Visit TNGVFX.com to view our catalog of digital doubles we’ve been providing the entertainment industry for ten years and counting.

Got a question about how we can implement these digital assets into your next Film, Game, TV, and VR venture? Call us today at 310-717-2937 for a quote. We are mobile, so we bring our leading 3D scanning technology to your doorstep!

Call us today to schedule your next photo-realistic digital-double! TVGVFX  310-717-2937  Los Angeles  Vancouver  Toronto  New York  Atlanta  New Orleans  Montreal


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